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About Agriculo

Agriculo:- This is an Italian name which means, Agri-for agriculture and Culo- (Italian ) meaning crops/plants. Agriculo organic food comprises of three essentials elements that benefit the farmer.(1)Soil nourishment.,(2)An all round robust growth for all crops and plants, (3) For all pest and aphids repellant.

Soil nourishment

Agriculo organic food basically feeds the soil with positive micro-organisms which are essentials for sustaining healthy crop production.

Pests and Aphids Repellant.

Essential elements of rabbit urine is also found in Agriculo organic food which acts as pest and aphids repellant eg white flies, cutworms, moths, potatoe cyte nematodes(PCN) among others.

An all-round robust growth for all crops and plants

These includes: Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Chelated Minerals and Neem Extracts