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About Us

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About Us

WeAre Experts in Agribusiness

Agricurax Enterprises Co. Ltd was established as an agribusiness in Kenya our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of agribusiness market in the East and central African region$ Africa at large. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our business we are in the process of establishing this co- operation in most of the major counties inKenya.

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To build a long term relationship with our clients and provide exceptional customer service we pursue business through innovation and advanced technology.


To become an exemplary leader in identifying agricultural needs & fulfilling them through bringing together all kinds of resources to complete our objectives

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Stanley Matano Larger Holder Farmer From Malindi

"I was able to try out Agriculo Organic Food on several of my crops and especially Oak and within a week we experienced a major difference in our Oak as Agriculo Organic Food works extremely well as a Bio- Stimulant! Since then I have extensively used Agriculo Organic Food as it is pocket/ user friendly to Farmers! Agriculo Organic Food is simply the Best there is in the Market"!

Alfred Chaba Farmer Machakos County

"I have been using Agriculo Organic Food since I was introduced to it! My crop yield in Tomatoe Farming increased by upto 30%! Giving me better profits! Agriculo Organic Food is simply the dawn of a new era in the Agricultural Industry!"

Mr. William Gichuhi John Konza, Kajiado County (Diaspora Farmer in Australia) but farms in Kenya.

"I have sampled several products both abroad and locally and there is none that is compared to Agriculo Organic Food! We used it in our contractual Garlic Farming and the results outstanding!! Simply Amazing!!! Agriculo Organic Food is simply the best their is in the Market!"

Mr. Mumba Malindi County

"I'm a farmer who does mixed farming including fruits on my Farm and once I was introduced to Agriculo Organic Food by my fellow Farmer, I have experienced tangible results and healthy production outputs on my Crops/ Fruits!

Hanna Roses Ltd Thika Kiambu County

"We experienced major growth rates in our Horticultural Crops as they had stagnant growth but after using Agriculo Organic Food we experienced amazing Results from our Roses & all of our Horticultural Crops"!

Christine Large Holder Farmer, Kiminini, Kakamega County

"I have experienced tremendous production output in my Beans/ Maize crops with Agriculo Organic Food! So far it's the very best Organic Foliar Fertilizer in the Market! I would highly recommend it to any Farmer to use it!"

Mr. Felix Chomba Farmer in Mwea, Kirinyaga County

"As a large- holder Farmer, I have tried and tested so many Foliar Fertilizers but the one that stands out of the rest is Agriculo Organic Food! This is simply the best option for the Farmer and user friendly and environmentally friendly! I would highly recommend all farmers both Small/ Large Holder Farmers to use it"!

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We strive to deliver on our mission with
thoughtful strategic choices that ensure we have sufficient financial resources. 

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